Strategically guiding the food development process...

... from concept to consumer.

Strategically guiding the food development process from concept to consumer

When a new product idea illuminates in one's mind, it's crucial to have an understanding of every step in the distribution chain. With our proven experience in food marketing, we will help you create a blueprint for a successful journey right "out of the gate" and eventually onto the customer's plate.

  • Recipe formulation & production scaling
  • Package design & branding strategy
  • Sales presentation development
  • Brokerage & meeting with the actual buyers
  • Transportation forecasting & efficiencies
  • Logistics analysis
  • Sales report review & recommendations
  • Consumer communications & media resources
  • There have been several times that they have come to our plant, looked at our equipment, and given us million dollar ideas that we didn't even know that we could manufacture. Their buyers appreciate their creative eye and ability in new product innovation. Win/Win for us!

    John Doe
    Ricardo Robles
    President, Anita's Mexican Foods, Inc.

Meet our executive team

Brian Gansmann

Brian Gansmann


Coming from a family that has owned successful restaurants for over 30 years, Brian learned the love of quality cuisine at a very early age. This gave him a penchant for food marketing when he started his career at three major international advertising agencies in Chicago working with: The Kroger Company, “Pork. The Other White Meat”, Robert Mondavi Wines, Idaho Potatoes, Hillshire Farms, Red Lobster, Sam’s Club, and other well-known food and beverage brands.

After several years on Michigan Avenue, Brian left the advertising world and became the Director of Marketing & Business Development for Cedarlane Natural Foods. While working at an actual manufacturing facility, he understands the challenges that it takes to put a final product onto a loading dock. But, with his background in strategy and branding, the item flows seamlessly from the "gate" to the ultimate consumer's plate.

Paul Kratky

Paul Kratky


What do you get when you cross the experience of working for the world’s largest technology distributor (Ingram Micro) with hands-on buying responsibilities for the world’s largest retailer (Walmart & Sam’s Club)? You get a brilliant individual who has learned logistics and sharp negotiation skills from both sides of the desk. Paul’s skill set is perhaps the most crucial element that helps shepherd new products from our client’s loading dock all the way to the store shelf.

With a complete understanding of distribution and sales analysis, every number has meaning and further implications for Paul. His analytics and logistics skills boded well for Cedarlane/Frankly Fresh as the manufacturer rolled out their refrigerated and frozen lines in: Costco, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and other traditional retailers.


A "cafeteria plan" of options to maximize sales and increase brand equity.

  • What do you get when you cross a Swiss-born Chef (who's a member of the American Culinary Federation and the Research Chef's Association) with a new product idea that nobody else has ever produced? You get a solution that can be scaled to run in nearly any plant with the correct modifications. Many times, you may have an existing formula that needs improving or an idea that needs further insight. Regardless, our Chef will help you put your best foot forward with a flavor profile that will connect with nearly any palate that you are trying to target.

  • Packaging has always influenced purchasing decisions. The wrong colors, font, photography, or verbiage.... and the shopper looks away. If they do not see your product, they will not grab it, and if they do not grab it, they would never buy it! We work with some of the best package design experts that brilliantly connect your product with the consumer's eyes. If the visual quickly appeals to both the rationale and emotional sides of the brain, the product goes into the shopping basket.

  • One of our founders spent several years in advertising and branding on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Therefore, we view this as one of the most crucial cogs in the process that needs to be set as early in the game as possible. We'll help you solidify a unique positioning that will set you apart from your competition. With a number of strategic partners across the nation, we can subsequently connect you up with a variety of communications agencies who are exceptional at "spreading the word."

  • In nearly every case study that pertains to retail, the top performers are those companies that continue to take pennies out of the distribution process and pass those savings onto their customers. In fact, many Walmart insiders will tell you "we are first and foremost a logistics company -- that brings products to the marketplace more efficiently than anyone else. We will advise you on the best way to palletize, warehouse, and subsequently ship to remain cost competitive.

  • Your success with Walmart & Sam's Club depends on our collective ability to use Retail Link® (An internet based tool created by Wal-Mart, which allows suppliers to access point of sale data and other important trend information). With this proprietary program, along with our own G2P sales software, we can help you spot opportunities for growth within your respective category. Better yet, we can advise the buyers on problems that they didn't even know that they had!

  • Even with today's electronic technology, a successful sales meeting must take place in front of an actual buyer (with a discerning palate) that is ready to critique our client's newest creations. Due to the fact that we used to work on "both sides of the desk" in the buying office, our relationships go back almost two decades with key decision makers. That's why our brokerage division has been so successful in connecting great items with great buyers.

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